Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sponsored by Culvers

A news conference was held today at Camp Randall to announce that Culvers has agreed to become the primary sponsor of the Camp Randall Hockey Classic, and will have its name attached to the title: Culvers Camp Randall Hockey Classic.

Barry Alvarez (who badly needed a telepromptor in the beginning) was present along w/ Mike Eaves and Mark Johnson, and Craig Culver of course.

Barry stated that 20,000 tickets have been sold, but they expect 80k on gameday. I guess we'll wait and see. They are running two promotions. Groups that purchase tickets will be in a drawing to win a suit at the Kohl Center for a Men's game at some point, and the other is for youth groups. One youth group will be picked at random and have the Camp Randall ice to themselves earlier in the day for an entire hour.

One thing I forgot to mention about the Women's team, if you buy a season ticket for $30, you'll likely get free custard at Culvers about 12 times during the season. The ticket damn near pay for itself.

Edited to add: Baggot's blog post