Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday evening linkorama

  • Blake Geoffrion gets some camera time in the "Day 5" video of the Preds development camp. Geoffrion scored the shootout winner in the final drill of the day.
  • This is over a week old, but somehow I missed this interview with Ryan Suter regarding his invitation to the US Olympic Orientation Camp in August.
  • Jonathan and Derek over at the Copper & Blue are ranking the Oilers' top 25 prospects, and Troy Hesketh comes in at #23.
    23. Troy Hesketh

    Strengths: He's a high school kid playing weak competition, so his strengths are purely physical - he has good size and footspeed.

    Weaknesses: Has not played high level hockey, he's extremely light. He has a long way to go to have a chance.

    Seal Value: A couple of years in a solid college program and he has a long, quiet career like...Tom Kurvers
  • Guy Flaming and Dean Millard have listed our blog over on their Coming Down the Pipe site as a Pipeline Pal (NCAA). My reaction is similar to when Mirtle stopped by and actually left a comment here or when Todd Milewski linked one of our posts on his blog: I feel famous.
  • While waiting for the official Team Wisconsin Major and Minor rosters, DPlaya has the projected rosters.
  • Chris at The Third Man In has the Rockford Icehogs projected lines. He includes Jack Skille as RW on the top line and Jake Dowell as the center on the 3rd line, although he says, "Either [Colin] Fraser or Dowell will be kept around Chicago as the extra forward."
  • I seem to be the only person who counts to 12 when counting Badger players at the USA Hockey Women's National Festival. counts 11 but doesn't include Geena Prough, who is transferring to UW from Mercyhurst this season. (On the women's side, as long as they're transferring to a different conference, they don't need to sit out a year.)

    BTD counts 11 but doesn't include Chanda Gunn. (I suppose since Chanda finished her collegiate hockey career at Northeastern that she's more accurately a Husky, so I can't fault BTD, but nubeetle has won me over in considering her a Badger, so I'm still going with 12.) If you're interested in where the camp invitees are from, BTD breaks down the roster by league representation, collegiate representation, and home state representation.

    Scanlon counts 11, but I'm not sure which of Prough/Gunn he's counting or leaving out. But he has a nice little synopsis for the other 10 players, so go ahead and take a look. By the way, Scanlon links Kerry Weiland's website in his post, and it has some pretty nice pictures.
  • Badger fans might be amused by this Don Lucia quote regarding gopher Patrick White:
    "The biggest issue is he's got to learn to compete harder one on one. He's a really nice kid, great student, comes from a wonderful family, but ‘Mr. Nice Guy' has got to go away when he steps on the ice. When he learns to battle consistently he'll take a step as a player. That's been his struggle over two years. We've talked to him about it. He understands it."
    I can't imagine that I really need to explain to Badger fans why I think this is funny. Of course I'm sure my amusement will be either misconstrued or overreacted to by readers who are not members of our target audience, but I still can't figure out what those readers are doing here in the 1st place. (Thanks to goon for pointing out the article, although I'm certain that he didn't do so for my amusement, lol.)