Friday, July 3, 2009

A few Friday evening links

  • Part 2 of Scanlon's interview with Mark Johnson is up on WSN. Also, look for an interview with Tracey (Cornell) DeKeyser on Monday.
  • The NCAA Rules committee has announced their points of emphasis for the 09-10 season. They want to crack down on after-the-whistle shennanigans (late hits, facewashing), obstruction, and hitting from behind. The committee wants the officiating to be more consistent (ie higher overall enforcement.)

    They also said they'd consider several new rules next summer, including hybrid icing, reducing/eliminating ties, pucks shot out of play, timeouts during situations where players are not allowed to change, icing the puck during shorthanded situations, delayed penalty administration, leaving the feet to play the puck.
  • Baggot says the WCHA was selfish to admit BSU and UNO. Something about robbing Peter to pay Paul. (I'll let the boys on the blog handle this one.)