Saturday, July 25, 2009

Future Badgers @ the Fargo Force camp

Good ol' Dplaya (luv ya, DP!) has some notes about future Badgers and Wisconsinites at the Fargo Force camp that ends on Sunday. Future Badgers at the camp include forward Gavin Hartzog and defenseman Troy Hesketh (sort-of). I was surprised to hear that 1st-Star Zengerle is not there, as I thought I had heard that he was most recently leaning toward moving to the USHL.
  • [F]orward Mark Zengerle apparently is not at the camp and thus I would assume he will be staying in the BCHL.
  • [A]pparently Troy Hesketh had let the Force know he would be playing for Minnetonka HS this season but they were after him to join the Force for this season. When they realized he was not going to be swayed they moved him off of Team Yellow or Blue onto another squad. Hesketh apparently either didn't like the pressure to play for Fargo this season or the fact they moved him off one of their "main" squads, so he left camp.
  • Hartzog was described to me as a huge kid with loads of potential who still seems to be growing into his massive frame. He's not nearly as polished as Condon, but skates well and has good hockey sense.