Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It seems that former and current UND players Joe Finley and Matt Frattin were arrested yesterday for disorderly conduct. Finley was also charged with giving false information to officers, and Frattin was charged with fleeing from police.

I can't figure out which is funnier (emphasis mine): the list of items they were throwing onto the street -- cups, plates, a kitchen table, and a lawnmower -- or this statement by Lt. Dan Lund: "It was their own property, so there was nobody's property that was damaged other than their own. They said they just kind of routinely destroy each other's stuff." Routinely? Brilliant!!

Speaking of Finley, I thought I might as well re-post the video @ the Caps development camp in which he "discusses" (ie sounds like a dumbass while he whines about) slashing Bucky, just in case you missed it before. Watch him squirm!

Needless to say, the latest news earns both players a LetsGoDU Bad Boyz Nomination.

UPDATE: DG points out that Finley's efforts have also earned him mention on PuckDaddy. The post includes Finley's answer when asked what he wrote in his apology letter to Bucky:
"You know what ... we had a couple jokes about that. But I think the biggest thing is that you can't tell him that you didn't mean to do it, because you did whack him. I wish I could put it better, but for lack of a better term [I wrote] 'Just stay away from my goaltender.'"

ANOTHER UPDATE: This one not so funny. Schlossman is reporting that UND has reduced Matt Frattin's scholarship money for 2009-10, has suspended him for a minimum of 2 games, and has ordered him to attend counseling.