Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New rink construction and other items

  • Baggot tells us that construction for the Badgers' new on-campus hockey facility is slated to begin around Aug 1, 2010.
    The $27.7 million project will provide a game site for the women’s team and a practice facility for the men’s team. It will have between 4,000 and 5,000 seats, offices for the women’s coaches and a 200x90 ice sheet. It will be located adjacent to the Kohl Center and will be connected to the nearby Southeast Recreational Facility by an enclosed walkway.
  • Earlier today, Chuck posted a nice article from the Sharks' website about Joe Pavelski's partial ownership of the NAHL's Janesville Jets. (Pavs always has the nicest quotes! Gotta love his commitment to supporting and growing hockey in Wisconsin.) Looking at the Sharks website, I also see that Pavs is having a little meet and greet on Aug 11 at the Sharks Store.

    Oh, and speaking of Pavelski, I stumbled upon a quote that's about 2 months old from Sharks GM Doug Wilson. We're not surprised to hear that Pavs is just the type of player that Wilson is looking for.
    But in response to another question about his meetings with players, Wilson revealed what he was looking for to determine whether they should stay or go.

    "The first thing you want to hear," Wilson said, "is the word 'I' — that 'I' could have done better, or this is what 'I' could have brought to the table. You want to make sure there's no deflecting of issues. You want to hear someone look at it honestly and say, 'You know, I didn't bring this.' For example, Joe Pavelski ... he says, 'I'm a second-line guy, I could have brought this, I could have helped this team win. That, in essence ... you know this kid is going to bring it, that he's a winner."
  • Looks like a defensive defenseman committed to minnesota. Who'd 've thunk? No word yet on if he's self-respecting or not.

  • Dany Heatley rumors abound. Earlier today Chuck mentioned a Heatley to San Jose rumor. The main reason I discount this rumor is because Eklund supports it. Eklund says "there are rumours of a completed Heatley deal with San Jose not including Marleau". He further says "Marleau to Montreal may need to happen first". I suppose even Eklund has to be right every now and then, but let's be clear -- it's Eklund.

    While looking for Heatley rumors, I also stumbled upon a Heatley to Nashville rumor. On the Forecheck calls the rumor "milk-blowing-out-your-nose hilarious; at least, if the author is just being sarcastic."

    The same person that brings us the Nashville rumor also tells us that Heatley absolutely will not return to Ottawa.

    A week ago or so, the Senators set the stage for Heatley's return and the Oilers said they had "given up hope" on the Heatley deal -- while at the same time making the conflicting statement that the deal wasn't necessarily dead in the water and wooing Heatley with videos.

    Heatley is still keeping a low profile. Apparently he hasn't even talked to Sens' coach Cory Clouston.
    “Yeah, it’s a little bit surprising,” Clouston said Thursday of the lack of communication. “I’m willing to listen and talk to anybody, but no, nothing has changed (since the draft a month ago, the last time Clouston spoke on the topic). I really don’t know what else to say, to be honest.”
    Clouston says he'll have no problem working if Heatley if he returns to the Sens.
    “Whatever cards we’re dealt, I’ll work with whether that’s with or without Dany. It doesn’t matter who comes through that dressing room door. We’re going to try and make them a better player and make them into a better team.”
  • By the way, this year's US HHOF class also includes (posthumously) the inventor of the first self-propelled ice resurfacing machine -- Frank Zamboni. NHL.com tells us that he made the 1st Zamboni by "modifying a tractor -- adding a blade that shaved the ice smooth, swept up the shavings into a tank and rinsed the ice while leaving a very thin layer of water."