Sunday, July 19, 2009

"He has gotten very good at playmaking"

Section 303 has an interview with Hockey Buzz's Brandon Felder and On the Forecheck's Dirk Hoag in which they discuss (among other things) the Predators development camp. Here is part of what Felder said about the camp:
"One of the guys I really noticed was Geoffrion, obviously, you know, local talent, but he has gotten very good at playmaking and making the right passes. I don't see him as a scorer in the future for the Preds, but he's, from what I've been told, basically their future third-line center."
The emphasis on the word "very" in "very good" isn't mine -- if you skip to 14:33 or so of the audio, you'll hear it, too.

By the way, a bit later, Felder said, "as everybody knows, the road to Nashville goes through Milwaukee, and there's so few cases of where they actually let a guy bypass any time in the AHL." Which meshes pretty well with what we heard from Preds scout Rich Knickle about the Preds not being a team that rushes players up to the NHL.

(Photo by Neil Ament, Badgers v. UAA 2/10/07)