Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Blake Geoffrion Interview!

(Photo by Neil Ament. Badgers v. minnesota, 1/25/08)

Paul McCann, Nashville Predators PA announcer and HockeyBuzz blogger, was kind enough to stop by our post about Section303's podcast (in which we learned that Blake Geoffrion "has gotten very good at playmaking") and share his comments:
Blake did very well at camp this year... I'm looking forward to seeing him finish his college career...

He also showed strong leadership at camp, helping the newbies.
McCann's stopping by prompted me to look back at the development camp, and I realized that I (gasp!) completely missed his development camp podcast in which he interviewed a number of prospect camp participants, including Blake Geoffrion. The Geoffrion interview starts at approximately 13:47.

After talking with Geoffrion, McCann made the following remarks:
"He had a very good camp, I think he's got bigger, he's more physical. Look, let's face it, Blake Geoffrion is not going to be a first line player, that's not what he's about. But a good, solid, 2-way player, absolutely. This is a kid that I think can do what's needed of him to get to the National Hockey League."
Thanks, Paul! (And thanks again to Codey and Jeremy @303 for their camp coverage.)