Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chris Chelios / Dany Heatley

About a week ago, Ma 60 asked me if I thought anyone was going to pick up Chris Chelios. The prevailing opinion seems to be "no". But someone at the Bleacher Report would like Cheli back in Chicago, so I thought I'd better provide the link for Ma.

I also thought Ma might like this picture of Chelios that I found when I stumbled upon Steph's Chris Chelios Page. When he was young. Before his face looked like leather. Wow.


The Dany Heatley Saga continues. A few days ago (July 9), Bob Stauffer told us why he thought the Oilers should continue to pursue Heatley.

On July 11, Dan Barnes at the Edmonton Journal indicated that the Oilers haven't given up on Heatley but that the "sniper's trade demands might not be satisfied until September, or later." Jonathan Willis of Oilers Nation, cranky about the stand-still and the various updates/non-updates in the media, begged someone/anyone to make this stop.

Now Chris Stevenson of the Ottawa Sun tells us today that the Oilers' patience is wearing thin and that "Edmonton could go in another direction as early as today if Heatley won't agree to a trade." David Staples responds to this by saying it doesn't matter whether or not the Oilers are losing patience because "Heatley ain't coming here and he never, ever was coming here". Lowetide expresses relief that the matter might finally be coming to an end. Willis, however, still believes the Oilers are in ardent pursuit of Heatley.

Mike Chen of Foxsports says Heatley needs an attitude adjustment, but Senators teammate Daniel Alfredsson disagrees. He doesn't know why Heatley demanded a trade, but he'd like to talk to him about it. He further indicates that if Heatley wants to return to the Senators he doesn't see it as a big problem for the team, saying that it will be easier for the players to welcome him back that for the media and fans. The Universal Cynic says that, in the end, it won't be all that hard for the fans, either.