Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Peter Johnson is new Badger Women's assistant

Andy Baggot is reporting that Peter Johnson has been tabbed as the new assistant coach for the Badger Women.

Being who I am, I must point out that Peter was an assistant on the 1990 Men's National Championship team. Sixty minutes, no alibis, no regrets, and all that. And he played for the Badgers for 4 years. And since I'm stating the obvious, I might as well also mention that he's Mark Johnson's brother.

In addition to his 4-yrs as a Badger Men's assistant, he also spent 2 years each as an assistant for the Cornell Men and the Bowling Green Men. He then spent 9 years as a scout for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Baggot says we can expect an official announcement from the university later this week.

WHKY Blogger tells us that Jackie Friesen will also be an assistant. I haven't seen anything official about this, but WHKY Blogger's info is typically good and so I have no reason to doubt this.

Oh, and regarding the women's schedule, it doesn't look like it's posted yet on uwbadgers. However, the WCHA has released the composite women's schedule.