Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bowman replaces Tallon as GM: press conference at 3PM

Bowman's now GM
Tallon has a new title
Senior Advisor

Were those late offers
To free agents, the straw that
Broke McDonagh's back?
The above is a haiku offered by the Chicago Sports in Haiku blog. Who knew such a site existed? (Don't expect me to start writing Badger Haiku; I've never been good with that sort of thing.)

Anyway, the Chicago Blackhawks have made an official announcement on their website. Stan Bowman is the new GM. And rather than being fired, Dale Tallon has been reassigned to Senior Adviser, Hockey Operations. There will be a live press conference available on the Hawks website at 3PM CT today.

Meanwhile, I have a few more links for you:
  • In case you missed it when I added them to last night's post, here are Mirtle's and Puck Daddy's posts.
  • Mirtle also reports that former Hawk Matin Havlat is making some cryptic comments on twitter about Tallon's reassignment.
  • The Hawks website has a feature video with the Bowmans from the 2009 NHL Entry Draft in Montreal.