Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday odds & ends

  • In his Monday press conference, Mike Eaves talks about bit more about Tom Gorowsky and also gives some love to Blake Geoffrion, Derek Stepan, Jordy Murray, Jamie McBain, and Ryan McDonagh (for Saturday re McD). He also talks a bit about Shane Connelly and Jake Gardiner, as well as the upcoming series v. Michigan Tech.

    It sounds like Gorowsky will be playing on a line this weekend with Sean Dolan and John Mitchell, as that's the line he played with during the 3rd period on Saturday.
  • The Badger Herald rehashes the press conference.

  • Baggot warns the Badgers that after just one win, there's no time to rest. Milewski also admonishes that the Badgers have a long way to go.

  • Milewski has more on Ben Grotting and Aaron Bendickson, indicating that Eaves is "hopeful" that both will be available this weekend. If both are back, will have to wait to see which F ends up sitting. Based on this weekend, and given that Eaves benched them in the 3rd, perhaps it'll be Davies or Turnbull -- but Eaves has a tendency to surprise me, so I've given up trying to figure things out.

  • As he usually does on Tuesdays, Milewski has also updated his recruits and alumni stats reports. Thanks, Todd!

  • I just finished up watching Saturday's game, as I couldn't watch it live -- it's available on SIOUXtra for $5.95 for a 24-hour pass. The Badgers' play during the 1st two periods is still concerning, but holy cow was the 3rd period fun. Yeah, I watched the 1:21 3-goal stretch over and over again, lol. Nice to see both Stepan's and Geoffrion's 1st goal -- both came from the players' working hard in front of the net. In the past (especially last year), it seems to me that the Badgers have had a problem with no one putting themselves in front of the net, but that seems to not be the case now. Also nice to see Gorowsky's goals; I can't decide which goal was prettier, as they were both very nice -- nice choice to go backhand on his 2nd goal. By the way, getting back to Derek Stepan, I though he had a really nice night, and I think we're all gonna like this kid a lot.

  • This is a few days old, but it hasn't made it into a blog post yet. Baggot indicates that the proposed new hockey facility is being downsized and reoriented to reduce the pricetag from $40 MM to $25 MM. Apparently the UW is currently waiting for new renderings from the architect.