Monday, November 3, 2008

Patrick Johnson owns (insert name) vs Mich Tech

Well another week, another opponent for Patrick Johnson to own. Last saturday the Badgers notched their first win, and coming home they need to get things rolling and work toward turning a brutal start into an outstanding finish. Last weekend, Patrick didn't even get the chance to own poll winner Joe Finley. I think I explained things well enough in the previous blog post.

This week Patrick Johnson and the Wisconsin Badgers turn their sights to the Huskies of Michigan Tech. I'll be honest, I don't know as much about the Huskies in comparison to other WCHA schools, but I think I've still put together a good list of choices.

Choice #1 - Rob Nolan, being a goalie w/ a nickname like Red Light is not a compliment. W/ Micheal-Lee Teslek's departure to the pro's Rob is the #1 guy in net this year for the Huskies and he has put together a 1-4 record w/ a 3.21 GAA. Tech is always solid on defense, can Nolan keep them in the game against the Badgers new found offense?

Choice #2 - Seth Soley and Brett Olson, a 2 for 1 here on Wisconsin natives playing for Tech. I don't actually have anything against these kids, but you have to be welcomed to the WCHA at some point and who better to do that than Patrick Johnson.

Choice #3 - Drew Dobson, the junior defenseman is tied for the team lead in scoring w/ 6 assists, which makes him a fine candidate to be owned. He's from Illinois, I wonder after playing in Houghton for 2+ years if he still thinks Wisconsin Dells is "up north" like every other flatlander? (no offense meant wojo)

Choice #4 - Jordan Baker, the sophomore forward leads the team in goals w/ 4 and tied w/ Dobson in points. Looks like Tech might have a scoring option here. He should be owned for listing "likes chips" on his biography. My old college roommate liked chips too, but he didn't put it on his resume.