Monday, November 10, 2008

Patrick Johnson owns (insert name) @ Duluth

New week, a new addition. Last week Patrick took his job very seriously as the fans voted for him to own both Wisconsin natives Seth Soley and Brett Olson (while the team spent the weekend owning Tech's goaltenders). While I didn't see Patrick lay either frosh out, he was definately in their face throughout the games, especially after the whistle letting them know what he thought. I'm not sure Patrick stops jacking his jaws toward the opponent from puck drop to final whistle. Get this kid some quench gum!

This week the team and our blog travels to Duluth, MN for a series against the bulldogs. My knowledge of the bulldogs is limited, since they suck, but I've compiled some good options. I'm just hoping the DECC doesn't fall on my head either night, since all indications are that its a huge dump.

Option #1 - Jack Connolly, the reigning USA Junior POY of the year can be honored in a different way by being owned by Patrick Johnson.

Option #2 - Justin Fontaine, he's tied for the team lead in scoring w/ 5-6-11. The former AJHL standout, was the top rookie for the bulldogs last season. He needs to learn his place in the WCHA, flat on his back after being owned.

Option #3 - Alex Stalock, nicknamed "straylock" for his odd style of coming way out of his net as a freshman, he has been a huge sieve his entire time in the WCHA, and I don't see that changing. If my memory serves me right, he took a swipe at Blake Geoffrion during their series at the Kohl Center last year. One guy who's bark is definately bigger than his bite.

Option #4 - MacGregor Sharp, he joins Fontaine on top of the scoring list for Duluth w/ 5-6-11. He has a pretty cool name, but that won't provide him immunity from being owned this week.