Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Lines @ UMD

Usually 60 has a magnificent write up on Friday, and I never like to step on her toes with the, "It's Friday and I'm in love," but she seems to be slacking this week! (haha just kidding 60) Anyways, here are the lines, per Milewski.

P. Johnson-Thurber-Murray

The 4th line is a game time decision based on how Grotting feels. Bendickson will be centering 2 out of Grotting, Turnbull, and Hickey.


Eric Springer is also on the trip as the extra defenseman.

Davies did not make the trip.

I understand cracking down on Davies but wasn't sitting him an entire weekend enough? I sure as hell hope Eaves doesn't think just because we swept the worst team in the WCHA without him that he can continue to sit Davies. Davies is one of the top 2 offensive threats on the roster. Sitting him 1 weekend was fine, sitting him 2 is simply to stroke Eaves ego that he's in charge. Then again Davies could be injured, (which hasn't been talked about in the papers) and I could just look like a bafoon.

Regardless, I'm guaranteeing a sweep this weekend.