Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bendickson Back, Bardis & Hickey to make debuts

60 would probably cover this tomorrow morning, but I think it deserves its own post.

Todd is reporting in his blog today that Tom Bardis and Chris Hickey will make their debuts tomorrow night for the Badgers. I'm pretty excited to see Hickey play. In addition, Aaron Bendickson will center the new skaters as he returns from injury after being out of the line for 6 games. Its great to have Bendickson back. He is a great PK guy, and I think he is ready to add some offense for the Badgers.

Ben Grotting is still injuried, and Michael Davies and Josh Turnbull will be watching in street clothes. As Todd's blog post says (they) were being held out of the lineup because of a "50-50" combination of injuries and performance issues.

Makes sense to me, and hopefully it will be a wake up call to both players moving forward. I remember when Davies was benched last season, he played much more consistently afterward, but as a junior you shouldn't need a benching to motivate you.

Here are the lines:

P. Johnson-Thurber-Stepan