Monday, November 3, 2008

Badger Women: weekend wrap-up

No articles in the Madison papers, unless once again I missed something when checking the websites. (Ok, this only happened once, but I still feel bad about it because I complained that Baggot didn't have anything on the women when if fact he had a really nice preview article. In my defense, I had clicked on Baggot's name for a list of his columns and the preview article didn't appear, so I'm blaming poor website design on the part of Madison Newspapers.)

Anyway, here are today's articles from the campus papers.

Storlie (Daily Cardinal): UW wins shootout with Minnesota-Duluth
“[Ammerman] adjusted nicely and had an impact on this weekend,” head coach Mark Johnson said. “That tells me that she’s bringing her game up to where it needs to be.”

With the game recorded as a 2-2 tie, the Badgers and Bulldogs headed to a shootout. Sophomore forward Kelly Nash was up first for Wisconsin, and she scored the only goal the Badgers would need, sneaking a shot five-hole past Martin. The shootout win gives Wisconsin an extra point in the WCHA standings.

“I did that exact same thing on Vetter this week [in practice],” Nash said. “She [said] she hates it when I do that, so I just figured I’d do it again.”

Donohue (Badger Herald): Women's hockey still unbeaten

“Brooke as a freshman is obviously stepping up huge for us,” Lawler said. “Having that solid center on the third line is important for us. Brooke is such an asset; she just gets stuff done. Brooke scores goals, is a smart player and always makes something happen out there.”

“I think we’re playing really good hockey,” Vetter said. “As long as we continue to play 60 full minutes, and we continue to come out strong in the third period and score the goals we need to, we will be okay. We’re doing a good job handling whatever comes at us; we’re just playing really good hockey.”

Mosgaller (Badger Herald): Johnson's squad welcomes weekend break

“It comes at a good time,” Johnson said. “You play 12 games and … mentally you get a break because you don’t have to prepare for either traveling and playing or playing at home next week. That’s a huge mental release for the players.”

“Obviously we have a very strong team from the past games we’ve already played this season,” Nash said. “[But] we seem to have trouble in the first period. So we just need to work on getting a head start in the games so we don’t have to worry about it during the intermissions.”

“Last weekend, after our first game against Minnesota on Friday, the pace was a little quicker than [Ammerman] had been used to in her first eight games,” Johnson said. “But she adjusted nicely and had an impact on this weekend, so that tells me that she’s bringing her game up to where it needs to be in regards to competition. You know, we expect high things from her, and she expects that from herself so she’ll continue to work at it and hopefully be just as productive.”

“We’re really rolling right now,” Duggan said following Saturday’s dramatic 2-2 shootout victory. “That was a great, great come-from-behind win for us. It was great to get four points this weekend. I think we have a lot of potential on this team, especially these two weekends we just faced. And [we] really kind of set the tone in the WCHA — you know, Wisconsin’s a pretty good team this year.”