Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Badger Men fall out of polls

Wisconsin fell out of the USCHO poll entirely this week for the first time since Nov. 3, 2003. As Todd at TCT points out they were ranked or received votes in the previous 122 polls. Todd includes how he voted.

I care very little about polls, but I do find it odd that a team (Wisconsin) goes on the road in the WCHA and splits, and the votes they received last week evaporated. While Wisconsin was beaten bad on friday they shutout the #17 team in the country in their own house the following evening. They are obviously less deserving of those votes??? I'm not saying Wisconsin deserves to be in the top 20, but if someone thought they did before St. Cloud, not sure why they changed their minds. All the really matters in the PWR following the WCHA Final Five.

Wisconsin is still ranked in the LetsGoDu Superpoll. In a very early version of the pairwise rankings, Wisconsin is not ranked, while the Badgers are #31 in the RPI. Its obviously very early w/ Air Force, Cornell and Princeton as the top 3 teams in both.

The Badger Women on the other hand continue to dominate the polls. They received all 15 first place votes on their way to continue their death grip at #1. Rolling the #3 team in the country over the weekend certainly didn't hurt.