Thursday, November 13, 2008

A scout's view on Turris

Andy Baggot had a chat recently w/ a NHL scout and Kyle Turris came up during the conversation.

The scout thought Turris could have used another year playing with the Wisconsin Badgers men's hockey team instead of signing a NHL contract with Phoenix.

His reasoning shouldn't come as a surprise. Turris, he said, sorely lacks upperbody strength on his 6-foot-1, 180-pound frame. Typically, college players make their biggest strength and conditioning strides between their freshman and sophomore years.


The scout blamed the Coyotes -- not Turris -- for being so impulsive. He said club officials intimated to Turris and his family early last season that they wanted him onboard as soon as possible, in part because those officials thought the club would struggle offensively and needed an influx of high-profile youth.


The scout said Turris will wind up being a good NHL player, but he said another year of college would have been best for his development.

Well I guess most Badger fans are as smart as this NHL scout on the subject of Kyle Turris. I watched part of the Phoenix/Columbus game last night, and the comment about strength is painfully obvious. They rotated KT to the front of the net on the PP and he was manhandled w/ out much effort. Same issue fighting for pucks in the corner.

And this answers the question in the comments section of my last Turris piece, the Coyotes were the root of his quick post NCAA Regional departure ending his Wisconsin career.