Sunday, June 29, 2008

Draft Notebooks

Picture from College Hockey News

I noticed that we failed to link the draft notebooks and such from the major college hockey news sources (USCHO, College Hockey News and to a much much much lesser extent Inside College Hockey). Not much going on, so here is some reading to pass the time.


NCAA 1st Round Review

NCAA has good Second Round (though apparently USCHO doesn't count Derek Stepan as a recruit or can't count past 3.)

College Hockey News:

Draft Roundup


1st Round Notebook

2nd Round Notebook

INCH's 2nd round notebook is why they are the the most worthless College Hockey news outlet. On the 2nd day of the draft, Wisconsin has 6 kids drafted, 4 in the 2nd round alone, yet they don't mention any of this. The only mention of Wisconsin is Ryan McDonagh being drafted by Montreal in 2007. College Hockey is a small family, and one of the family members has 6 young men drafted (best NCAA draft for the 2nd year in a row), that isn't good enough for a paragraph in your notebook? They must still be pissed about the NCAA Regional and some Wisconsin fans throwing coins onto the ice during the North Dakota game. Not to mention on the top of their site right now is a picture of BC w/ President Bush and they label him "a lame duck". Regardless of if I like or dislike our current President, INCH is not the place for political commentary, and way to ruin the caption of the picture for the 2008 NCAA Champs.