Thursday, June 5, 2008

Crazy 8's

The first Badger Women's game that I ever watched was the 2/11/05 contest v. OSU. The game was televised on CSTV, and I stumbled upon it while flipping channels. CSTV later replayed the game, and I watched parts of it again. And that's how I got hooked on Badger Women's hockey. And that's also how I became a Jinelle Zaugg fan. She scored 2 goals that night (not to mention a goal and an assist the following night), and she's been my favorite Badger ever since. (And yeah, I went wild when she scored the game winner in the 4-ot quarterfinal v. Harvard.)

I happened to end up sitting in front of Jinelle's mom at one of the game's last year. I don't think Pam stopped smiling once, and she was nice enough to chat for a few minutes with a crazy Badger Fan.

And I continue to be impressed with the Zaugg family. Thanks to MostlyFrozen on the uscho fan forum (and nubeetle for pointing out MF's post), I came across the website for the Crazy Eights Hockey Camp. The camp was started by Jinelle, her sister Jessie, and their parents. The camp was designed to help young girls devlop into better players in a fun environment and to give college players the opportunity to coach the younger girls. What a great camp! In addition to Jinelle and Jessie, the coaches include Badgers Jessie Vetter, Hilary Knight, Emily Morris, and Mikka Nordby.

(photos from the Crazy 8's website)