Sunday, June 22, 2008

An irrelevant Patrick Johnson blurb

As you know, I'm an Oilers fan, so I tend to stop by a variety of Oilers blogs on a semi-regular basis. Some of the Oilogosphere members, most notably Lowetide, have been less-than-thrilled with the Oilers use of their 7th round pick and have suggested better uses for the pick. I was pleasantly surprised to see Lord Bob offer Patrick Johnson as a missed opportunity, as I didn't really expect Patty to be on the radar of any non-American hockey fans.

Missed Opportunities: Patrick Johnson (#206 to Montreal) is a pretty good young player who put up 21 points as a true freshman with Kyle Turris and the University of Wisconsin. Numbers like that in your first year in the NCAA are pretty healthy, and even though size is a real issue he might have been worth a flier.

Of course, the random opinion of a random Oilers fan means absolutely nothing, but hey, it's about Patrick Johnson, and who doesn't like reading nice things about Patrick Johnson?