Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hockey's Future Reviewing the Draft

Though the draft is a week old, I still like talking about it. Hockey's Future has been doing reviews of the NHL club's drafts. The don't have all of them out yet, but a good start.

The New York Rangers made Derek Stepan the 51st pick overall, and they say some nice things about Derek. His dad was drafted by the Rangers back in the day as well.

The Montreal Canadiens took Ratty Johnson in the 7th round. The Canadiens project Ratty to becoming one of the more dominant players in College Hockey. Well, twist my arm, I won't be complaining if that happens.

Lastly, they did a broad overview of NCAA Hockey's day(s) at the draft. Cody Goloubef has a nice quote worth repeating here:

“It's an honor to be here,” said Goloubef. “It's every kid's dream to be drafted in the NHL, no matter where you go...You play against men at school. Being young, everybody is bigger and stronger than you are. Everyone targets you because maybe you're not going to be as good or be as big or strong. But I fought through that, worked hard with (University of Wisconsin assistant coach) Mark Osiecki all year long to keep my game up and become a difference-maker out there. He’s a big part of why I'm so successful, so I've just got to thank him.”

A lot of nice things said about Coach Osiecki, can't help but draw more top college bound Dmen to Wisconsin in the coming seasons.