Saturday, June 21, 2008

2nd-Round Badgers

(A number of Badgers are going in the 2nd round. I'll continue to update this post as players continue to be picked and as players are interviewed.)

Cody Goloubef was selected with the #37 pick by the Columbus Blue Jackets. Congratulations, Cody!

Patrick Wiercioch was selected with the #42 pick by the Ottawa Senators. Congratulations, Patrick!

Justin Schultz was selected with the #43 pick by the Anaheim Ducks. Congratulations, Justin!

Derek Stepan was selected with the #51 pick by the New York Rangers. Congratulations, Derek!

One of the commentators made a brief comment about 2 Wisconsin kids (Schultz and Gardiner) going to Anaheim. Something complimentary about Eaves and something to the effect of the importance of going to a good program.

Nice interview with Cody Goloubef. I continue to be impressed with this kid, as he was composed (didn't seem nervous about being interviewed on national TV) and quite well-spoken. I don't have exact quotes (forgot to set the tivo), but when asked about what he knew about the BlueJackets, he said they're a young team that is looking win. When asked about the BlueJackets' coach being tough, he said he thought it'd be a good fit for him -- he's used to Coach Eaves being tough -- holding players to mistakes, but also recognizing good play as well. They had some nice video of Cody from Badger games, including a sweet pass to Kyle Turris.

2nd round is over . . .