Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rafalski and Wings prepare for Game 6

Following monday night's outstanding Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals, I was looking for a reason to post something about it and found a nice article about tonight's Game 6.

I turned on Game 5 in the 2nd period after the Penquins had established a 2-0 lead and watched it slowly evaporate. In the 3rd period, Brian Rafalski scored a beautiful go ahead goal w/ traffic in front of the net. At the time, the way the Pens were playing, I was preparing to write about Brian's Stanley Cup clinching goal for the Red Wings, but w/ 34 seconds left, the Penquins finally put another one past Chris Osgood to tie the game.

2.5 overtimes (50 minutes of free hockey) later, Petr Sykora scores to lift the Penquins to victory. Sykora told the NBC announcer between the benches during the 2nd OT that he would score. Marc-Andre Fleury deserves the brunt of the credit for keeping the Pens in the game, making 55 saves in the game, many of which were spectacular.

The Red Wings need to regroup for tonight's Game 6. Badger Alumni Brian Rafalski felt this way about tonight's game: "It comes down to determination," he said. "It didn't happen in Game 5. You have to refocus and ready for the next game."

Good luck to both teams tonight, and if you don't have anything going on, or even if you do, consider turning on NBC around 7 PM for what should be another outstanding game of Stanley Cup Finals action.