Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Time to Renew Season Tickets

Today is the first day to renew season tickets for the 2008/2009 Men's Hockey Season! I'll be requesting to move my friday tickets to the location of my NCAA Regional seats, though I doubt I have any chance of getting them.

http://www.uwbadgers.com/ has a series of links regarding this. They include a little article about renewing tickets, and similar to last year there will be a series of conservations w/ Coach Eaves about the upcoming season.

The first video is already out. Coach Eaves talks about next season's schedule, its difficulty and the Badger Hockey Showdown, among other things. Coach Eaves is solo this season, last year he was joined by Brian Posiack, who interviewed him. I like the format this season, and it appears in the backdrop that UW will feature slightly different uniforms this season w/ solid lettering, I could be wrong though.

They don't tell you what the other video in the series will be, but if its like last year, there will be discussions about departing seniors, returning players and incoming freshman. I like hearing about the team directly from the Coach.

If you are looking to obtain Season Tickets, you can begin applying tomorrow.