Friday, June 20, 2008

Colin Wilson first NCAA Player selcted

As expected Colin Wilson from Boston University is the first NCAA player selected and the second American. (Zach Bogosian went #3 to the Atlanta Thrashers) The next NCAA player to be selected with probably be Joe Colborne who is a Denver recruit. Expect him to go anywhere from 14-25 but probably around that #17 pick. After Colborne you have to look at Wisconsin recruit Jake Gardiner in that 18-35 range, Ohio State recruit Zac Dalpe in the 25-40 range, Minnesota recruit Aaron Ness in the 25-40 range and Wisconsin defenseman Cody Goloubef who is a bit of a wild card could go anywhere from 23-60.

Personally I think one of these players is going to probably be selected higher then we expected. I'm going to guess that it's Goloubef and say that he ends up going #21 to the New Jersey Devils.


The second NCAA player off the board is Denver recruit Joe Colborne. Colborne goes #16 to the Boston Bruins. I had him in that 14 to 25 range but probably about 17. I guess I was off by 1. Colborne played last season in the Alberta Junior Hockey League for Camrose. Colborne is arguably the #1 recruit in college hockey this season although I think Jordan Schroeder would argue that.

Link to blog post from the DU blog.

Update 2:

Wisconsin recruit Jake Gardiner was the second NCAA Player selected at #17 overall. A bit higher then I had expected but it's a good pick. The Devils have traded down from 21 to 23 so they won't be taking Goloubef at 21 like I had predicted but it's certainly possible they take him at #23.

Update 3:

Devils trade down to #24 swapping picks with the Wild and gaining a 3rd round pick next season. Could this be Goloubef at #24 to the Devils?

Update 4:

Goloubef still on the board after 29 picks. Might have to wait until tomorrow to see where he goes. The third NCAA player was selected at #29 with Daultan Leveille going to the Thrashers. He will be a freshman at Michigan State next season.