Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gophers lose backstabbing player

Well, sometimes you get whats coming to you. The saga of freshman forward/loser/liar Michael Dorr takes another twist with his recent departure from the University of Minnesucka. To understand this kid, I'll go ahead and refresh the last few years for you.

Dorr played high school hockey for Roseville and was a very good player. (He was a Mr. Hockey finalist) In the spring of his junior year, he committed to the University of Minnesota-Duluth. As his stock rose, Lucia pet decided he wanted to get in on the action and Dorr re-oppened his recruitment. (We all know he was chirping in his ear) It didn't take long before Dorr knob gave his verbal to Lucia pet. This season for the Gophers, Dorr has only appeared in 2 games and has not registered a point. Yesterday, Dorr walked into the practice facilities and told his team that he again, was bitching out on his team, and re-oppening his recruitment.

Whats my opinion on this? I'm glad you asked.

  • Well for starters, this kid is a baby. It's clear that hes a "ME" first type player and that's simply never going to change. I think there is quite a bit of difference when you commit to a school when your going into your freshman year, and you might opt out of your original commitment. But It's entirely different when your 17-18 years old. Dorr simply used his UMD commitment to leverage interest from Minnesota.
  • Second of all, classy move leaving your team half way through the season Dorr (Okposo). What do you honestly stand to gain by leaving at this point in the season? You obviously must have a great passion for the Gophers if your willing to quit on them at the first sign of trouble. (again, nice move Okposo, eyeroll)
  • Classy move by Don Lucia in stealing this kid away from UMD. Say what you want, but there is absolutely no way that Dorr re-oppens his recruitment without knowing that he has substantial interest from Minnesota. He would stand to gain absolutely nothing otherwise. Don definitely got what was coming to him in this scenario.
To wrap this all up, I really, really, really hope this kid doesn't try to come to Wisconsin. We don't need kids like that in our program. If he's too much of a baby to try and go out and fight for playing time, then we don't want him in Madison.