Monday, December 8, 2008

Kyle Turris' 1st NHL Fight

No video on this yet, but since I saw it in person I need to post about it.

Last night the Phoenix Coyotes got rolled by the Chicago Blackhawks 7-1. W/ one second left in the game, there was an altercation in front of the net. Kris Versteeg and KT went off to the side of the net away from things and the next thing I know, the gloves are off.

At this point I was very worried, worried that Kyle was going to get his ass kicked. Overall he held his own and connected a few times on Versteeg's face, taking a few to the chin himself. Congrats to KT on his first (and possibly last) 5 minute fighting major. Versteeg collected an instigator and two game misconducts. Seems reasonable, because I'm sure KT didn't really want to drop the gloves.

I was out of my seat cheering for KT, I was quite excited, since his play throughout the game didn't leave me much to be excited about.

Edit: Here is a link to the video, thanks to Milzie for posting the link. The view was better from my seat.