Sunday, December 28, 2008

Badgers 5 - Chargers 0

Since Chuck was kind enough to post game updates last night, you already know the results of the game. Just thought I'd provide a few links to the game stories:

uwbadgers: Badgers charge past UAH
Milewski (Icehouse): Gameday Blog
Milewski (TCT): Badger Men's Hockey: Identity comes into focus in victory
Baggot (WSJ): Connelly, UW overwhelm Alabama-Huntsville
Worgull (BN): No oxidation for Wisconsin
Stewart (Milwaukee JS): Junior forward helps UW take control

I was somewhat amused to see the title of good ol' Todd's article this morning. Todd probably won't believe me, but last night I was thinking to myself that this team seems to be jelling and appears to have found its identity. They're a complete team, and they can get scoring from all 4 lines. They seem to have found some resiliency and are able to respond to and overcome advesity -- as evidenced by their responses to recent injuries to Geoffrion, Gardiner, Grotting, P. Johnson, etc. And best of all -- last night I felt like they were playing 60 minutes, no alibis, no regrets . . .

If you're interested in the early game yesterday, here are the game stories:
Milewski (TCT): Lake Superior State continues Showdown semifinal Success
Baggot (WSJ): Lake Superior State cruises