Friday, December 5, 2008

Yeah, it's Friday . . .

Yeah, it's Friday, and I'm in Love, but unfortunately I'm also very pressed for time, as I have to finish up some stuff and get ready to go to Madison in time to make the women's game today.

So, this week's edition will be abbreviated quite a bit.

Badger Men v. UAA - Fri/Sat 7 PM CST

TV: Friday FSN live, WHA tape-day; Saturday WISC live, WHA tape delay
Radio: WIBA 1310, yahoosports ($4.95 online)
Livestats: gameday

P. Johnson - Geoffrion - Gorowsky
Mitchell - Thurber - Grotting
Murray - Stepan - Davies
Bohmbach - Bendickson - Turnbull

Smith - McBain
McDonagh - Goloubef
Gardiner - Springer


I gotta tell ya, I'm happy to see Springer in the lineup tonight. I thought he did a pretty good job last Friday, and I'm looking forward to seeing him play tonight. Of course, I imagine that we'll see Little on Saturday, as that seems to be how things are going, and that's all right, too.

Series previes / articles
I don't have time to link everything, but I'll direct you to a few sites. Looks like Todd and Andy have had some nice stuff lately, so I'd check them out.
TCT (Todd)
Icehouse (Todd)
WSJ (Andy)
WSJ Badger Blog (Andy)
Badger Herald
Daily Cardinal

Badger Women v. St. Cloud - Fri/Sat 2 PM CST
Uwbadgers will have livestats and a live video webcast, and you can find the links here.

Badger Herald
Daily Cardinal

I haven't been covering the women (or anything, lately) as much as I should have, but Gandalf has been trying to pick up the slack (thanks, Gandalf), and if you didn't catch this recent post, go ahead and check it out. Good stuff. In the post, Gandalf links to this article by Andy Baggot, and I gotta give props to Andy for giving some love to the Badger Women.

Oh, and I gotta give a belated congratulations to one of my favorites, Meghan Duggan, for earning WCHA Offensive Player of the Week honors. Nice work, Meghan! (Gandalf says that Hilary Knight is the bomb, but I don't know, I think it might be Meghan . . . )