Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Drive for .500 by Christmas...Mission Accomplished, plus a little extra

Six weeks ago following a disappointing weekend against minnesota, I laid down a plan for the Badger Men to reach .500 by Christmas break. I later updated the plan following two road series. Here is how everything finished off.

@ North Dakota - Split (1-6-1) - the Sioux are struggling too, get a win and start rolling - Mission Accomplished

vs Michigan Tech - Sweep (3-6-1) - this team is not good this season - Mission Accomplished

@ Duluth - 3 pts (4-6-2) - Duluth is also bad and the blog will be there to inspire the team – Mission Accomplished

@ St. Cloud - Split (5-7-2) - Hopefully get some revenge for the WCHA playoffs – Mission Accomplished

College Hockey Showcase - Split (6-8-2) – Mission Exceeded

vs UAA - Sweep (8-8-2) - They might finish 8th in the WCHA, we can't afford a loss to them at home – Mission Accomplished

I was going to post about this last week, but the drive for .500 wasn’t in the bag, and I didn’t want to jinx the team. While the Badgers were .500 following the Showcase, had they stumbled versus UAA, the goal might not have been achieved. Not much more to say at this point. The boys “persevered” following the horrible start and in the end exceeded my expectations. Though when I originally wrote this up, I didn’t expect Michigan State to be so bad this season, though nor did I think UAA would give us as much of a fight, which they definitely did on Friday night.

The team is coming together right in time for the second half, w/ 12 out of 18 games left at the Kohl Center, where the Badgers are 6-1-1 this season.