Monday, December 29, 2008

Mid-Season Awards Recap

And the winners are...

Top Frosh (Men): Jake Gardiner - it was a close vote, winning by one over Derek Stepan. Both have been outstanding this season, congrats to Jake on his first goal saturday night.

Top Frosh (Women): Brooke Ammerman - she won going away, and deservedly so, she is the freshman sensation afterall.

Most Improved (Men): Tom Gorowsky - another close vote beating Ben Grotting, Tom has really turned things around and should continue to be a go to player on offense the rest of the season.

MVP (Women): Jessie Vetter - hard to argue when she has the best GAA and save % in the country, along w/ breaking the all-time NCAA shut out record w/ a lot of games left to play to set the bar to an unreachable level.

MVP (Men): Jamie McBain - another great choice by the fans, he notched another goal and assist on saturday to continue his lead in assists and points for the Badgers. Keep it up McB, the fans want to see some All-American honors fall on your shoulders at season's end.

We'll revisit these awards at the end of the season, see who brings their best in the second half. I think both the Men's and Women's teams have legitimate chances at their respective Frozen Four's this season, keep up the good work!