Friday, December 19, 2008

Cepis leaves Bowling Green, has possible UW interest

Jacob Cepis has left the Bowling Green Hockey program and is being linked with a possible transfer to Wisconsin.

The article says that Cepis was rumored to not be getting along with head coach Scott Paulach for over a year. "It's one of those things that if you're not happy, the game isn't fun for you," Cepis said. "At a certain point, you have to say it wasn't the right fit. That's the bottom line."

Cepis was in Madison last winter over the holidays with Bowling Green in the Badger Hockey Showcase. In case you don't remember him, picture Mike Davies with a little less talent but a little more grit.

If Cepis were to transfer to Wisconsin, he would have to sit out 1 season. If he transfers immediately for second semester, he would be available second semester next season, but next season will count for a full season of athletic eligibility.