Saturday, December 27, 2008

Webcast vs Alabama-Huntsville

If your at home and are looking for the direct link to the Webcast of tonight's game, you can find it here. Wisconsin is currently up 1-0 after the first period. John Mitchell scored with an assist from you guessed it, Jamie McBain...again. Shots were 18-4 in the first period.

Update: 2-0 Wisconsin after 2 periods. Jordy Murray from Little and Stepan. Pat Johnson is in the locker room with a leg injury. Wisconsin is clearly dominating this game. UAH is embarrassingly bad. UAH goalie with 1,349 saves after 2. (or 38, same thing)

3-0 Wisconsin. Andy Bohmbach from Davies and Smith.

4-0 Wisconsin. Jake Gardiner gets his first goal of the season. Gorowsky I believe Bohmbach had an assist.

5-0 Wisconsin. Jamie McBain gets the Wisconsin fan's Ice Cream from Culvers. Gorowsky and Bohmbach with assists again. UAA switches goalies, I'm not sure why, Talbot is the only reason this game isn't 12-0. I think Talbot finished with 50 saves, no joke.
Final score is 5-0 Wisconsin. According to Bucky15 on USCHO, Wisconsin set a new Badger record tonight for the fewest shots allowed in a game tonight with only 10. No word yet on Wisconsins total shots as the webcast cut out right before the buzzer. (Edit from 60: I can help you out here, Chuck. Wisconsin had 60 (60!!) SOG. Nice! )

Bohmbach was the player of the game with a goal and 2 helpers. He also had the puck on his stick A LOT and was making things happen.

Photo taken by REDHEAT