Thursday, July 31, 2008

One less forward

DPlaya at HIW has confirmed that Zach Bearson is leaving the Badgers but that the UW will honor his scholarship. (Not sure how much money he was getting, but I don't think it was a lot.)

Not a huge surprise, given his limited prospects for playing time this season. I confess I'm a bit surprised he's not transferring to another school, as he has 2 years of eligibility left. Not that my surprise means anything, since I obviously don't know the kid or anything about his situation (besides the obvious lack of ice time).

I was at Cap Ice a little over a week ago, and I believe at that time he was skating in the informal practices. Of course, if he's leaving the team but not transferring elsewhere, I don't suppose it would be all that unusual for him to skate with the guys over the summer. I'll have to check with nubeetle to see if he's seen Bearson lately.

So, by my count, that leaves the Badgers with 16 forwards this next season.