Monday, July 7, 2008

Oilers blogger's thoughts on Tom Gilbert

W/ Tom Gilbert's emergance as an NHL star this past season, my interest in the Edmonton Oilers has also increased. I've even taken to reading several Oilers blogs (thanks for the suggestion 60).

Today the Lowetide Blog had some nice thoughts on Tom Gilbert's season offensively. Tom was one of the highest scoring Dmen 5x5 in his division per 60 minutes of play, which is pretty impressive for a rookie season. I have been impressed w/ his shooting % all season, which ended at 13.5%.

Tom should continue to get PP time on the second PP unit for the Oilers this season, where a lot will be expected of him based on his outstanding rookie season and large contract that he signed. Tom has an outstanding sense on when to jump up into the play and contribute offensively, and doesn't waste shots, while providing a steady defensive presence on his own end.