Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Matt Ford Q&A

Today's preview video at uwbadgers.com is an interview w/ recent UW graduate Matthew Ford.

One thing I'm going to miss about Matt was whenever there were extracurriculars after the whistle, when the dust settled Matt was always in the middle of things mixing it up w/ the opponent. I guess we have Ratty Johnson to play that role now, but Matt always brought a smile to my face when he would skate back to the bench jawing w/ someone.

I think a lot of fans expected Matt to score more goals during his career, and he would have had one more if Randy Schmidt was capable of doing the job he was paid to last January in Denver.

Matt says he'll be playing in the Blackhawks system somewhere next year, and best of luck to him w/ his future pro career. If he's in Rockford, good chance I'll see him play a few times.