Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brendan Smith at Red Wings' Camp

Thanks to Newi Badger Fan on the uscho forum for the link to this article about Brendan Smith's time at Detriot's prospect camp.

Had to pull this out of the article.

"Eaves is basically an NCAA version of Babcock.

If a player is lacking in intensity, "You'll get a kick in the butt," Smith said.

Smith and McCollum are both several years, at least, from possibly becoming NHL regulars."

Eaves gets so much good press w/ the NHL crowd, when is tDon going to get some good press?

Anyway, I think its likely that Brendan will be in the Cardinal and White for two more seasons, prehaps even see his senior year. As the article said, his season was halted by injury. I'm expecting a lot out of Brendan Smith this season. In my mind, Brendan will either be paired w/ his good friend Cody Goloubef, or as part of the 3rd pairing w/ either Johnson/Little/Springer. Either way he needs to step it up this season. I saw a lot of head hanging out there when he made bad plays last season, there isn't time for that, since he will be expected to increase his leadership role this year. His offensive game is just fine, hopefully he has been busting ass on improving his defense.