Sunday, July 27, 2008

A few random items

  • As you know, Cody Goloubef, Brendan Smith, and Kyle Turris were invited to participate in Canada's U20 Development Camp that is currently underway (July 25-30). However, Goloubef will only be attending the first 2 days and will not participate in any on-ice sessions, as he is reportedly recovering from an injury. According to this article, the final U20 roster will be announced later this year in early December. In addition to being evaluated at the Development Camp, the players will also be scouted this fall.

  • On HIW, DPlaya shares an interesting conversation he had recently regarding Badger recruiting. I'm not surprised to hear "over-recuriting" being used by other teams against the Badgers, but I'm a bit surprised that the "defensive style of play" was not used. Anyway, thanks for sharing, DP.

  • Adam Burish can't wait to play at Wrigley field.

  • And in the "just plain goofy" department -- apparently the Iowa Chops (AHL) have offered Brett Favre a hockey contract. Thanks to Mirtle (who wonders if Favre can even skate) for the link.