Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thank You Badgers

*Thank you Goody for stepping up this year when everyone doubted you.
*Thank you Craig Johnson for playing like you never missed a beat when the WCHA suspended Golo.
*Thank you Springer for being ready when others couldn't go.
*Thank you Blake for Wisconsin's first Hobey. You now carry "legend" status in the state of Wisconsin. We'll never, ever forget you.
*Thank you Schultzy for running our PP as a freshman.
*Thank you Smitty for improving not only offensively, but in your own end as well. Night and day compared to when you arrived on campus.
*Thank you Podge for working your ass off all season just hoping for an opportunity. It pays off in the end.
*Thank you Davies for your maturity this season. Growing into a two way player paid off.
*Thank you PJ for being a team player when you were taken out of the lineup. Not a lot of people would handle that situation with your class.
*Thank you Bohmber for going from a walk on forward that not many expected much, to a first liner on a Frozen Four squad
*Thank you Bendi for your heart, desire, and determination. You were consistently one of my favorite players to watch because of your hustle and drive on the ice.
*Thank you Grotting for kicking Patrick Whites ass.
*Thank you C. Smith for learning to harness your aggression on the ice. You can be a force when you keep yourself on the ice.
*Thank you Dolan for being a rock solid pivot.
*Thank you McD for being the most shut down defender I've ever seen at Wisconsin.
*Thank you Gardiner for accepting your new role as a shut down defender and taking team glory over personal statistics.
*Thank you Ryan Little for working your ass off every day at practice knowing your red shirting and won't see a minute of ice time this season.
*Thank you Steps for elevating your game to an elite status. Don't you think you would look pretty nice up on that Hobey stage next year? 1 more year...
*Thank you Street for being the consummate veteran. You proved your dedication to this program by coming off that horrible knee injury to make another run at a title.
*Thank you DLee for rolling with the punches in as a freshman in a tough league. You'll be needed down the road.
*Thank you Mitchy for turning yourself into a player.
*Thank you Meuer for accepting your role and sticking with it.
*Thank you Golo for being the quiet rock on the d-core. You've always been under-rated. Your time in the spotlight is fast approaching.
*Thank you Jordy for being a ginger and being awesome. You've been put in about every situation and played on about every line and shined everywhere. You're a hockey player plain and simple.
*Thank you BB for pushing Goody all season. You'll get another crack at it next fall.
*Thank you Mitch Thompson for keeping our snipers sharp all year in practice.
*Thank you Johnny Ramage for exceeding EVERYONE'S expectations in your rookie year.
*Thank you Hockey Operations (Michael Cerniglia-Director of hockey ops, Zachary Remiker-video, Jim Snider-strength and conditioning, Paul Capobianco-communications, Andy Hrodey-trainer, Nate LaPoint-equipment manager) for all the work you do behind the scenes to make this program first class.
*Thank you coaching staff (Mike Eaves, Kevin Patrick, Mark Osiecki) for keeping the Badger tradition alive. There isn't a question in my mind we have the best staff in the nation.

This was one of the funnest seasons I've ever had watching Badger hockey. Right from the get go expectations were high for this squad and they did nothing to disappoint. Every single player on the roster should be proud of what they accomplished this season. As a fan there isn't much more I could ask for.

With that said, I sadly am announcing that I will be stepping down from the blog. I've known for a little over a month that I was going to be hanging it up. It's the right time for this move. In addition to those mentioned above, I'd also like to thank the other writers of this blog, 60 Minutes, ExileOnDaytonStreet, Gandalf the Red, and Blockski for your hard work and having to put up with my bs. I'd also like to thank the readers. Thanks to everyone who sent in kind e-mails and tips, and even those that weren't that kind. I appreciate it all.

I'm sure the other writers will keep this blog going strong and it will be better than ever. I know that I will continue to stop by to read this thing daily. Thanks again for everything. On Wisconsin.

Chuck Schwartz
Sixty Minutes. No Alibis. No Regrets.
"It's a great day for Hockey"-Bob Johnson