Friday, April 9, 2010

He's Hobey Baker: Blake Geoffrion

From Gandalf's Ode:
Some call him Boom Boom or Bam Bam, but for such an astute young man of character, he’s our leader: Captain Asskicker.
And now he has another name: Hobey Baker.

For quite some time now, Gandalf and I have been telling everyone who will listen that Geoffrion is the best complete hockey player in college hockey. And I'm glad the Hobey Baker committee saw that as well and has finally deigned to honor a Badger. As much as we all think Steve Reinprecht and Brian Elliott were robbed (not to mention Gary Shuchuk, who somehow ridiculously didn't even make the top 10, let alone the top 3), it seems somewhat fitting that our current captain is the first Badger recipient. As I said earlier, there seems to be a bit of an air of destiny around Geoffrion, and so he's become our first Badger Hobey.

Congratulations to Blake for this well-deserved honor.