Thursday, April 15, 2010

Captain Kickass gets promoted to Admiral?

Admiral Asskicker. Admiral Blake Kickass Hobey Bamm Bamm Baker Asskicker.

It's got a good ring to it, right?

As indicated by a commenter earlier, Bamm Bamm seems to be making his move to Milwaukee. Or Chicago, as it were. I can't find anything on the Predators or Admirals websites (of course, they'll post something right after I post this... my luck), but Admiral Asskicker did leave the ever so cryptic Tweet:

Heading to Chicago to get all packed up.

Go get 'em, Admiral.

Note: if you live in Milwaukee, there will be a viewing party at Major Goolsby's to watch game 2 of the AHL first round of the playoffs. The Admirals and Wolves face off in Chicago. Games 3 and 4 are at the Bradley Center this Saturday and Monday. Tickets are probably cheap.

In related Badger Alumni news: Chris Chelios is continuing to defy the laws of time and play for the Wolves and will be facing off against Bamm Bamm and the Admirals (assuming, of course, that Blake was going there to join the team and not to go check out Millenium Park). The Wolves won game 1. Best of luck to both Badgers!