Thursday, April 8, 2010

Breaking News: Ford Field Sucks

Clearly I'm being facetious (with the "breaking news" part, not the "Ford Field Sucks" part, just in case you're drunk/giddy like a certain Badger fan - who I last heard was frightening her friends - and therefore might have some comprehension problems), but I wanted a catchy title and I'm easily amused.

Good ol' Hatchet Joe sure would've been proud of me tonight. When they announced the attendance for this evening -- and they sure made a point of saying that not only was it a record-breaking attendance for the FF, but that it was also a world record for attendance at an indoor hockey game -- I boooooooo'd and yelled "Ford Field Sucks!". Then they told us to congratulate ourselves by cheering, and I yelled the same thing again. I felt that since Hatchet wasn't there to do it for himself that I really owed it to him to do it in his place. For the record, the crowd's reaction to the attendance announcement was fairly subdued/mostly silence, but the NCAA can be pretty dense, so they probably didn't understand that the fans' lack of excitement about the attendance was related to the terrible venue. Honestly, who thought a football stadium would be a good place to host championship hockey games??

By the way, anyone who got the risers was really screwed. You'd think that the risers they put in would be steep, but they're the shallowest risers I've ever seen. Just terrible, worst seats in the house, I think. Keep this in mind if you're making the trip on Sat.

Btw, we went to the Joe last night for a Wings game, and dang, it makes me wish this whole thing was at the Joe this year -- not a bad seat in the house, and hey, it's also the site of the Badgers' victorious conclusion of the Drive for Five 20 years ago. And honestly, why aren't we at the Joe this year? The Wings' last regular season home game was on Wednesday -- their last 2 games are on the road on Fri and Sun. I don't care if the Joe is old and getting run down, the sitelines are great, and Ford Field sucks.