Thursday, April 8, 2010

Badgers 8 - RIP Tigers 1

I got a voice mail today during the game from Hatchet Joe, and he was yelling "RIP RIP" at the TV as RIT fans were chanting "RIT RIT" . . .

As I'm sure you all already know, the Badgers completely dominated the game; didn't really seem much sense in continuing the game after the 1st period, to tell ya the truth.

I feel just a little bit bad for RIT (but only just a little bit) because ya gotta like the underdog, but as Hatchet Joe would say, "Go back to Rhode Island". (Ok, it wasn't Hatchet who said that yesterday, but I can't remember who the heck it was, and it sure sounds like something Hatchet would say, doesn't it? Last year he kept pissing off the Miami fans by telling them to go back to Florida, lol.)