Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Time to catch up on a few stories:

Loss aside, Badgers back where they should be (Tom Oates) Essentially: this shouldn't be a once-every-four-years phenomenon.
Davies, Badgers had their opportunities (Andy Baggott) Okay, I won't post too many "recaps", but I figure at least one was necessary.
Dayne's Heisman helps Alvarez appreciate Geoffrion's Hobey (Baggott) As you might guess, this one sort of confirms how little Alvarez knows about this program. I mean, it's one thing when Neal Broten didn't know that no Badger had won the award (you know... since he's never worked for UW and was a hero for our bitter enemy) quite another when the AD doesn't know it until the day of the ceremony. But, like certain types of Badger fans, Barry sometimes needs to filter his feelings through UW's other, less successful programs before he can truly appreciate what an excellent hockey program we have.
Alvarez on new hockey rink: "We'll get it done" (Baggott) A little bit of damage control on the reaction to postponing the practice facility earlier this year. Not sure we learn anything new here, but it's still a good reminder that it ain't over til it's over.

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal
Blake Geoffrion Quasi-Update (Eric Kent) Bamm Bamm's road to Milwaukee/Nashville could go a few different ways.
UW-Madison ends apparel deal with Nike (Sharif Durhams) Not surprising, what with our Adidas sponsorhips on our equipment and all...

Other Places
Frozen Four Notebook: Brendan Smith talks future (Michael Spath, CollegeHockey247.com) Remember when Robbie Earl was put on the spot and claimed he'd be coming back in 2006-07? Yeah, this feels like that. Also some other post-Frozen Four stuff in there, including a false claim that we won the Broadmoor this year.
Preds will look to sign Geoffrion soon (John Glennon, The Tennessean) Self-explainatory.
Loss Aside, Hockey Season a Success (Adam Holt, Badger Herald)
Game Recap, Nashville vs. St. Louis, 4-10-10 (NHL.com) Evidently, Captain Kickass was given a huge ovation when his Hobey victory was announced during a stoppage in play on Saturday.