Thursday, April 8, 2010

EoDS' Songs of the Day

Happy gameday!

Let's start off with a few of my favorites:

Varsity (no embedding on this version)

Beer Barrel Polka:
Criminally, there's nothing on Youtube with the Crease Creatures singing it (I love the endless loop we do... the students could do that for a whole period and I'd love every second of it), so this'll do:

The "Seriously, Your Beer Is Awful, So We Must Steal Your Song" Song:

Power... Play!!!!:

And the all time classic... PHIL!!!:

P.S.- Another one someone needs to get on youtube: The Let's Go Red cheer. I really like the faster version from the hockey games where everyone jumps while they sing it, but that's not online from what I can tell. Here's a decent video of the football team's "red zone" version.

Other random stuff I'm thinking of:

A song I originally put together for Michigan Tech, but never tried it before graduating:

(To the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It")
If you want a sausage fest, go to Tech *clap*clap*
If you want a sausage fest, go to Tech *clap*clap*
Where the women aren't worth mention,
Like a comic book convention,
If you want a sausage fest, go to Tech *clap*clap*

And just because we're in Detroit: