Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Badgers Look Loose, Ready For RIT

All photos stolen off of Julie Robenhymer's twitter (@JulieRobenhymer). Julie describes herself as a "Hockey writer, fashionista, former Miss NJ, all around fabulous person :)" I would have to agree. She writes for Hockey if you didn't already know. Go check out her stuff so I don't feel so dirty for stealing these photo's.

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Maxin' and relaxin'. From R to L: Sean Dolan, Ben Grotting, Ryan Little?, Keegan Meuer, Michael Davies?

Cody Goloubef does an interview with some teammates looking on and Jordy Murray creeping like a ginger in the background.

Goloubef shown here again giving another interview, this time with Junior foward Podge Turnbull working the sound with a glove on the end of a hockey stick "boom" mic.