Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Why no love?" and Badger Women's catch-up

  • UPDATE: I am told that the Mertz article was included on page 2 of Tuesday's WSJ Sports Page, and I think that's great. Mertz's article was very good, and I'm glad to see it included. And as such, there's no need for Baggot to also write a WSJ article -- I had included that wish b/c I had thought Mertz's article would be printed only as part of the once-weekly TCT insert. (Are they still doing that insert? I know that's what they were doing last hockey season, but I suppose this may have changed.) I'm leaving my original text below, though, b/c I don't feel like rewriting anything, and I'm not going to pretend I didn't write something that I did. (Besides, then the title of this post wouldn't make sense.) I do maintain, however, that there have been issues with Madison Newspapers coverage of Badger Hockey since TCT went online only -- but I don't feel like getting into here in this post.

    Original post: Why no love for the USA Badgers from the Wisconsin State Journal? Maybe there's a small blurb in the print version today, but I don't see anything in the online version. The WSJ's sister "paper", The Capital Times, which is an online publication with (I believe) a once-weekly print insert in the WSJ, did have a nice article by Adam Mertz yesterday, and I'm hoping that Mertz's article will be included in the TCT print insert (on whatever day that occurs). I'm also hoping that Baggot will have an article in the WSJ.
  • As you know, 8 Badgers will be playing in the Qwest Tour with the Women's National Team. I'll be honest; I didn't look all that hard at the Qwest Tour schedule. I knew it included some games against various conference all-star teams, including a Sept 25 game v. a WCHA All-Star team, but I didn't really think much about it. A few days ago, the BTD blog points out that the schedule includes All-Star games against just 3 of the 4 conferences, leaving out College Hockey America. Now, I'll admit to not following much women's hockey outside of the WCHA, but Mercyhurst was in the FF finals last season and seems to me to always have a strong team, and I think Wayne State was pretty good last season as well. So it seems odd to me to leave out the CHA. Too bad.
  • A few days ago, Baggot had an article about Peter Johnson, one of the Badger Women's new interim assistant coaches.
  • Last week, Canada's Women's U22 and Women's National teams competed in a 3-game series. Forward Mallory Deluce and defenseman Stefanie McKeough represented the Badgers on the U22 Team; defensemen Carla MacLeod and Meaghan Mikkelson represented the Badgers on the National Team. The National Team swept the U22 Team 4-3, 5-2, 10-0.