Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday afternoon catch-up

Catching up with a number of items that have accumulated over the last week or so:
  • Andy Baggot had a blog post listing candidates to play on the Badger Men's top line, and DPlaya weighs in with his thoughts.
  • Lowetide has a post on Troy Hesketh: Tall Tree from Minnetonka. I think I've pretty much already posted most of the contained information, but it's worth a look to refresh your memory. Good stuff.
  • Chris Walby has a post on his WSN Wiscohockey blog about future Badger Cody Strang. In the post he indicated that Strang has been "battling the decision to pursue golf instead of hockey despite being drafted by the USHL and committed to a scholarship with the UW hockey team", prompting me to ask "couldn't he do both?". I suppose the seasons do overlap, but the golf season isn't all that long, and none of the dates conflict. Before anyone gets too riled up, though, Strang did say, "Golf is always going to be there and I'm committed to hockey, to Youngstown and the Badgers".
  • Hilary Knight recently did a photo shoot for Inside Wisconsin Sports, and Jacqueline Boscacci snapped a few pictures while at the photo shoot (1, 2, 3).
  • I previously mentioned that Women's interim head coach Tracey DeKeyser was interviewed on 1070 Aug 4, but I don't think I mentioned that new assistant Peter Johnson was interviewed on 1070 the next day Aug 5. You can find all of the 1070 OnWisconsin podcasts here.
  • has a Fan Video Guide. I haven't watched it yet, but it says you can "[s]ee the men’s hockey locker room and office tour and take a tour of the inner depths of the Kohl Center" and "[c]heck out the practices of the national champion women’s hockey team and relive their 2009 title run highlights".
  • A number of things don't make sense to me regarding the CCHA's rejection of UAH. But rather than tell you myself, I'll just refer you to Goon's World and the Ciskie Blog, as Goon is doing a bang-up job of covering the situation.
  • Kurt Kleinendorst has been named head coach of the NTDP U18 team. Ron Rolston previously held that position, but this year he will be head coach of the NTDP U17 team, a position recently vacated by former Badger assistant John Hynes. Future Badgers Frankie Simonelli and Michael Mersch will play for the U18 team this year, and potential recruit and Wisconsinite Jake McCabe will play for the U17 team.
  • Looks like there will be another outdoor double header besides the Camp Randall Classic. Sounds like BC/BU Men and Northeastern/UNH Women. It hasn't been officially announced, I don't think, as the official press conference is scheduled for Aug 20, but TSN is already reporting it.